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Your Rod and Staff Comfort Me

In this message, Pastor Ransom continues his look at Psalm 23. Today, he talks about how God cares for his children through the use of his rod and staff.

For You are with Me

In this talk Pastor Ransom talks about the source of peace for the believer in Christ. Listen in as Pastor Ransom talks about this freeing truth found in God’s word.

For His Name’s Sake

In this message we see the truth that God is intimately involved in our life, not just for our own good, but for the sake of his name. Listen in as Pastor Ransom shares these truths with us.

Jesus Lays Down His life for His Sheep

On this Sunday, Pastor Ransom shows how Jesus died for his sheep during his ministry on life, and ultimately sacrificing his life as the penalty for sin.

He – me

Pastor Ransom continues his series of looking God as our shepherd. In this message he highlights several specific areas in which God shepherds his children.

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