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Swimming in the Word of God

I’ve been “reading” the Bible this year in two ways.
1st  listening to an audio version of the OT from an app on my cell phone;  I want to get a helicopter view of the OT.
2nd reading slowly and thoughtfully one NT book at a time…taking notes, making observations, and searching out things that “grab” me; I want to know God’s Word also at ground level.

Recently I’ve been going through John’s gospel (again). One of the unique features of John’s gospel is his account of the upper room; the other three gospel writers give mere verses to this scene; not John…he writes what is now 5 chapters worth of truth.
The way I approach this section is this: of all the things Jesus could have said to His 11 faithful disciples…this is what He wanted them to know. So in other words it’s super important …for them…for us.

It’s a quiet, unhindered time of fellowship between the Master and His chosen ones…a sharp contrast to the going’s on around them…getting them ready for a life without His physical presence.
He talks about things like:
*loving one another…as He has loved them; and then He washes their feet to drive the point home.
*going to heaven to prepare a place for them…to which He’ll bring them when He comes back to receive them to Himself.
*praying…if they ask anything in His name…He’ll do it.
*the indwelling Holy Spirit…the “other Jesus” Who’ll be with them for their journey here.
*the gift of peace that will “keep” them in this chaotic world .
*abiding in Him…as the branch abides in the vine and is fruitful.

And then we hear the intimate, heart pounding conversation between Jesus and His Father in chapter 17.
Brothers and sisters…swim in the Word of God…for it is our life!